Wheelchairs enable handicapped persons to move on footways, roadways, in parks and on sport areas, as well as in houses and public utility places.

A safe ride is ensured by the wheelchair’s brake, horn, front headlight, rear side lamps, direction indicator and reflective lights.

The comfort of the ride is ensured by flexible suspension of front and rear wheels, sloping steering column (pneumatic servomotor) and a swivel chair shifting front-back with adjustable position of armrests.

The wheel chairs are driven by two DC electric motors, equipped with gears and fed by two accumulators.

A wheelchair has two ranges of fluent speed regulation: forward and backward, and the keyboard of the programmer enables for uncomplicated control of speed, direction indicators and a horn.

In our offer we have the following scooter:

The price of the wheelchair depends on its equipment, the type of engines, accumulators.

Available colors:

  • blue
  • red
  • green
  • anthracite
  • aqua

Upholstery colors:
  • light/cream
  • dark/black

  • gel battery
  • small or big basket
  • grip for crutches
  • charger
  • mirror
  • anti-turnover wheels
  • acoustic signal
Additional equipment:
  • tent-cab
  • tent-garage
  • ramp